“Donna su sedia grigia”

It is a portrait of a woman with red hair represented as small flakes of color. The subject has a reproachful expression, a frowning face, his seriousness gives a greater intensity to his gaze while he collects his legs to himself embracing them. The chair becomes an integral part of the work, wraps it, gives it support, and is a second mute figure within the composition; the chair thus becomes a companion, a physical and therefore also a moral support to the otherwise solitary figure. The representation is here mediated between a purely figurative style and a more free from conventions as we will later find in another work Woman with a dark background. This expedient is used to give greater prominence to the femininity of the face, a particular sweetness to the image without falling into the temptation of hyperrealism, from which we want to get away as much as possible.
Titolo: donna su sedia grigia - Olio su tela - 50x70cm - Autore: Gianni De MauroArtist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 50×70 cm

Technique: oil on canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

Opera code: xxxxxx
€ xxx.00

Status: Available