“Due sorelle”

“Due sorelle” is a rather rare work in the artist's production who prefers single figures, here we are faced with a double representation of two girls embraced in pose. The colors all go towards warm shades of brown and their embrace symbolizes human warmth up to solidarity. Their gazes are fixed towards the observer, inquiring and seem to suggest an awareness of a certain fragility, they seem to implore a human mercy that subjects can hardly find easily nowadays. The "two sisters" also tackle the issue of the family from another point of view, a solidarity between members of a clan that is often lacking, as opposed to the hatred and hatred that one often faces in families. A love that turns into hate, a missed love, a deliberate and reasoned farewell that instead could have been an unconditional and dazzling love as between the two sisters represented. Behind those looks there is a story of life, a daring path that can lead the protagonists towards any development of a close and yet aloof and imperishable relationship. The family as a security nucleus, an exclusive but delicate group with a balance that can break and crack at any time and for any reason. A static and “frozen” image as if to preserve an affection ready to disintegrate under the blows of life.
due sorelle - g. de mauroArtist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 50×70 cm

Technique: oil on canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

Opera code: xxxxxx
€ xxx.00

Status: Available