“Gli alberi di Marco”

Work of a pseudo cubist period. In the center, three rounded trees are depicted, broken down in their shape into concentric circles, on a background circumscribed in a sky that is also stylized and synthetic, where the light is broken down into paintings of different colors. The clouds, the wind, the space are reduced to an essential shape and a red color, like an intense sunset. The lawn on which the trees rise sovereign forms waves, almost watery, transforming the grass into a red sea also tinged by the vermilion light of the sunset. It is a work that takes up the theme of ecology, a surviving forest in a post-atomic world, devoid of animals and surviving life forms. The three trees in the center of the frame are perhaps the only survivors in a desolate world yet still alive and vital, the red of the blood of life that flows everywhere testifies to the residual vitality of a past world that could be about to be reborn after a strenuous resistance. The title originates from the fact that the painting was made to be sold to a friend named Marco.
Titolo: Gli alberi di Marco - Olio su tela - 50x70cm - Autore: Gianmichele De MauroArtist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 50×70 cm

Technique: oil on table

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

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Status: Sold out