“Natura morta rossa”

Still life on a red background. The elements chosen to form the subject of the painting, a bottle, a plate and fruit, are flattened and transformed, removing the perspective and leaving only the outlines, in this way the world depicted has only two dimensions, base and height and destabilizes the perspective assumptions of the observer. The colors are also simplified, made basic and dense, in order to obtain a representation completely detached from reality. The aim is to bring the viewer into a completely different dimension from the everyday one, a parallel world where the rules of perspective and physicality of figures and therefore of things transcend what is familiar to him. One of the author's rare still lifes.
Artist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 20×30 cm

Technique: oil on cardboard canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

Opera code: xxxxxx
€ xxx.00

Status: Available