In a room with a purple leather sofa in the foreground, on an ethnic cushion, we see Pierina lying down. We find in the center of the image the white silhouette of the animal that strongly contrasts with what surrounds it: a dark wooden piece of furniture in the background, an orange pillow in the foreground, a source of blue light, perhaps an open window on the left, and on the background we see a pink bag and a chair. The balance of the composition is all based on the chromatic structure between the living animal in the center, the spot of light and the focal point of the image, and what surrounds it. Another feature is the attention to detail, almost photographic, of the dog, while everything else remains vague, almost devoid of details, to underline the importance of the central subject compared to everything else, compared to the box that contains it.
Titolo: Pierina - Olio su tela - 50x70cm - Autore: Gianmichele De MauroArtist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 50×70 cm

Technique: oil on canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

Opera code: xxxxxx
€ xxx.00

Status: Available