“Ragazza dal giappone”

Girl from Japan opens a new line of the author where the representation of female figures is approached from a different perspective. The precision and richness of details increase compared to older works, the colors become more plastic, the shadows fade more. The subject represented here is a young geisha portrayed while she looks away, as if to want to hide and free herself from the gaze, perhaps indiscreet, of those who are observing her. The girl brandishes a fan, her only lifeboat to protect herself from the prying eyes that are investigating her. The white face, covered by an intense theatrical greasepaint, already hides it, however, it does not show her real face, but a mask, the mask that others want from her. The portrayed geisha transforms her own life into a work of art, her every movement, her every word, every gesture is the result of a careful study, of an elevation to a higher stage of existence and of the human life, and his every glance rests on things redesigning them, giving them new life and new meanings.
Gianmichele De Muro - Ragazza del giappone - olio su tela - 30x40cm -Artist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 30×40 cm

Technique: oil on cardboards canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

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€ xxx.00

Status: Available