“Troppo rumore”

Too much noise is a work that refers to American Pop Art of the early 60s. The subject is witty, almost emerging from the intense yellow background, and seems to speak to the observer. His message is to keep quiet, since too many words have already been said, often useless. Too much noise is a tribute to the thesis that words confuse, that there is no real possibility of communication between men, and that perhaps the more we talk the less we say to each other. It is therefore a very particular subject compared to the others, with a certain amount of controversy, but also of good-natured satire and cheerfulness. The girl's smile, her clothing - obviously a synthetic and colorful fur - her attitude, lead us to think that everything can be forgiven for female beauty, even such a peremptory order; an order which, however, on closer inspection, is nothing more than the wisdom inherent in the simplicity of youth, the dismissal of the superstructures that force us to be what we are not or what we do not want to be, she, the girl portrayed, says what she thinks, without restraint, he orders everyone to be quiet Everything has already been said, everything is now just noise, useless.
Titolo - Troppo rumore! - Olio su cartone telato- 30x40cm - Autore Gianmichele De MauroArtist: Gianni De Mauro

Dimensions: 30×40 cm

Technique: oil on canvas

Certificate of Authenticity: yes

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€ xxx.00

Status: Available